About Us

Welcome to Ultra Care Health Centre

Ultra Care Health Centre has been serving the community’s health care needs since its establishment in 2016. Established as a Primary Care facility Ultra Care Health Centre over the years have expanded the services offered to the public keeping abreast with the new technological advances in medical diagnostics and treatment technologies in achieving ‘Information Driven Wellness Management’.

Ultra Care Health Centre has a reputation for continuously investing in its infrastructure to offer patients the very latest & best in medical care.


To improve the quality of life of citizens with the highest quality of clinical performance and customer care with cutting–edge technology in BANGLADESH.


To be the healthcare provider of choice in BANGLADESH



We exert initiative, innovation, compassion, knowledge, skill, and ability to serve our organization, constituents, and customers to deliver the Ultra Care Health Centre in excellence in all of our endeavors.


We commit to the responsibility of holding ourselves and others accountable for actions, attitudes, and high-performance standards to achieve positive outcomes in fulfilling the Ultra Care Health Centre.


We focus on excellence in the delivery of service as the foundation of our success and an essential component in the delivery of care. It is our commitment to serve others while being dedicated to high service standards while fulfilling the Ultra Care Health Centre.


We give our time, talents, resources, and strengths, with pride to deliver effective and efficient care in fulfilling the Ultra Care Health Centre.


We build trust by adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards. We do the right things, exhibit honesty, and adhere to a consistent commitment to live the Ultra Care Health Centre through service to others.


We share through collaborative efforts in fulfilling the Ultra Care Health Centre by taking initiative in helping others, providing solutions to problems, enthusiastically supporting each other, and cooperating with staff to achieve positive.