Environmental Responsibility

It is our aim to influence suppliers of services and resources used by Ultra Care Health Centre to adopt best practices on environmental concerns. We encourage recycling materials where possible and to recycle consumables; make use of power-saving devices on computers and heating systems; secure goods from sustainable sources; and adopt a low-carbon policy on all relevant matters.

Social and Ethical Responsibility

Ultra Care Health Centre seeks to meet good standards of social and ethical practices. We aim to observe best practice in all relevant areas, including the working environment, respect for the individual worker, equal opportunities and freedom of association. We encourage similar standards with our associates.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Ultra Care Health Centre is committed to Equal Opportunities for all, irrespective of colour, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexuality, disability or age. We look to build relationships with those who support and apply similar principles. Our belief is that users should not use our services for any illegal purpose or to promote discrimination.

Our Values

We at Ultra Care Health Centre take Community and Social responsibility issues sincerely.



Through our community support program, we endeavor to support by way of free access to our services, advice, and support.